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Forum Rules!
« Dátum: 2012. december 10. - 09:55:42 »
Please make sure you read this review on the forum carefully, since it can only be equal to read!
It is no coincidence, because there is a reason.
In compliance with all mandatory Forum Rules!
Registration is essential to utilize the forum, but the reviews are subject to registration, because we do not want the forum clubhouse.

A few points summarize these very simple rules.

1., The first rule is DO NOT SWEAR! Ignore the vulgar tone for posts!

2., Admin is always right! THIS IS A CROCK OF SHIT! Why is he what the hell? If you are wrong then you are wrong, but I do not remember, here you are the customer and I do not want that shit in front of the door. So before you enter Wipe your feet!

3., If you want to upload images, you ask, do not upload it to high-resolution images. Up to 800x600 resolution images upload it. THANK YOU!

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